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VISL can provide technical assistance to help you get setup and can help with edge gateways so you can get your data into the cloud.


Industrial IoT Platform for Digital Automation

Fogwing IIoT is the next generation Industrial IoT platform engineered with features to develop IoT Solutions for various industrial use cases by connecting with machines through Industrial Protocols; Fogwing IIoT Supports industrial equipment monitoring, asset tracking, equipment condition monitoring to predictive maintenance. Citizen users can build and deploy IoT based automation solutions without deep technology expertise. The extended data analytics provides data driven analytical processes to predict operational risks and actions!


vNode Connectivity:  Industrial IoT Gateway

IIOT and Industry 4.0 ready.

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Get to know vNode Industrial IoT Gateway
vNode Automation is an out off shelf solution platform that enables fully connectivity to plant floor devices within Industrial, IT and Cloud applications by using multiple integrated software modules. Discover vNode features!

Frees OS Choice: Linux, Windows and ARM embedded Systems

Store & Forward
Built in architecture for a reliable data lost prevention.

No need for programming
Plug & play solution, each module is ready to go in minutes.

Unlimited tags and connections
Each vNode module supports endless tags and connections.

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Modern Self-service BI and Analytics Platform


Connect, prepare and analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, all within minutes.

  • Get more value from your data by leveraging BI at cloud scale that opens up an entire world of possibilities to transform your business from the inside out.

  • Turn raw data into insightful reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers and predict the future.

  • Connect to a multitude of sources like files and feeds, popular business apps, cloud and onpremise databases, custom apps and more, with our easy-to-use connectors.

  • Use our augmented, self-service data preparation and management module to cleanse, transform, enrich, and catalog the data that you want to analyze.

  • Hold conversations with our smart AI assistant, generate automated insights with a single click, predict the future trends, do cognitive and what-if analysis, setup smart alert and much more.

  • Build insightful & interactive reports and dashboards with our easy drag-and-drop interface. Use a wide variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to visualize your data.

  • Collaborate with users through secured sharing and fine-grained permissions. Hold meaningful conversations around reports. Make your boardrooms come alive with reporting slideshows. Tell stories with your business data.

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