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Partnering for progress. We collaborate with leading organizations to drive innovation.

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Unlock hidden potential in your industrial data!

TrendMiner's self-service analytics platform makes it easy for anyone (no data science degree needed!) to analyze and visualize data. Get actionable insights fast to optimize production and make smarter decisions.

Available as cloud-based or on-premise. ☁️

Empower your team, transform your data.

AVEVA PI System: Unlock hidden value from your industrial data.

  • Collect & store data from anywhere.

  • Gain insights fast with no coding required.

  • Optimize operations & make data-driven decisions.

Empower everyone from engineers to executives.


Fogwing IIoT is a next-generation Industrial IoT platform designed for various industrial use cases, offering features like equipment monitoring, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance, allowing users to build and deploy automation solutions.

Explore vNode Connectivity, your go-to Industrial IoT Gateway for IIoT and Industry 4.0. This off-the-shelf solution seamlessly connects plant floor devices across Industrial, IT, and Cloud applications. With its multiplatform compatibility (Linux, Windows, ARM embedded systems), built-in Store & Forward architecture, and effortless plug-and-play setup, vNode requires no programming for quick deployment. 

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Empower your business with Zoho's modern self-service BI platform. Connect, prepare, and analyze data effortlessly to create stunning visualizations and uncover hidden insights within minutes. Their cloud-scale BI transforms raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. Utilize easy connectors to link to diverse sources, and leverage AI for data preparation and automated insights. Build interactive reports with a user-friendly interface, collaborate securely, and bring data to life in boardrooms. Elevate your analytics game with our comprehensive platform.

Unlock the potential of your connectivity with Teltonika. Their cutting-edge solutions empower seamless communication, offering reliable connectivity across diverse applications. From robust hardware to advanced software, Teltonika ensures a world of possibilities for transforming your business. Connect effortlessly, analyze data efficiently, and harness the power of intelligent insights. With Teltonika, redefine your connectivity experience and elevate your business to new heights.


Elevate your energy monitoring with Eyedro. Their advanced solutions empower you to seamlessly track, analyze, and optimize your energy consumption. From intuitive hardware to smart software, Eyedro provides a comprehensive platform for unlocking insights and enhancing efficiency. Connect effortlessly, gain real-time visibility, and make informed decisions to optimize your energy usage. With Eyedro, transform the way you manage energy, bringing clarity and control to power consumption.

Transform your energy management with Schneider Electric. Their innovative solutions deliver seamless control and optimization across diverse applications. From cutting-edge hardware to intelligent software, Schneider Electric opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Connect effortlessly, analyze data comprehensively, and leverage smart insights to make informed decisions. With Schneider Electric, redefine the way you manage energy, unlocking a sustainable and efficient future for your business.


Industrial Safety Simplified: United Electric Controls (UE)

UE safeguards your people, equipment, and environment. They offer a complete suite of:

  • Pressure & Temperature Controls

  • Gas Detectors

  • Safety Switches & Transmitters

Simplify installations, ensure compliance. UE: Your one-stop shop for process control.

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