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Your Instrumentation, Automation and Industry 4.0 experts!

Create long term cost savings with our Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT) solutions. We provide end to end Visibility of your process including equipment located in remote areas. Our lIOT enabled condition monitoring systems enable higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance and reduced operating costs

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Industry 4.0 solutions which enable you to turn your data into usable information. Analyze and track process data in the cloud and proactively gain insights on process anomalies, trends and potential issues.


Manage your electrical distribution and control systems - low voltage breakers, transformers, energy monitoring, PLCs


Capture and harness data from remote systems, over WiFi, Cellular or LPWAN. Analyze data for anomolies and recieve updates on phone or PC.


process your automation systems data using virtually any protocol and integrate it with your SCADA, DCS or IOT platform


Economical and reliable instrumentation to measure temperature, level, pressure and flow

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Our Featured Services

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Industry 4.0

  • Monitoring of remote processes and equipment

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Cloud trending and analytics

  • Industrial IoT gateways

  • Energy Consumption and Optimization

  • Condition Monitoring

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Turnkey EIA Solutions and Plant Operation

  • Engineering and Design

  • Systems Analysis

  • Automation Economics

  • Project Management

  • Multiskilled process technicians - supply and training

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Instrumentation And Electrical

  • Measuring Systems

  • Switches and Transmitters

  • Troubleshooting and repair

  • PLCs

  • HMI and SCADA

  • Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Motors / Protection Relays

  • Energy Monitoring

Project Management System

Your project is managed by a systematic methodology which was developed especially for the unique needs of EIA projects.  Before any major investment of time or money is made, the project specifications are clearly defined and agreed upon by both sides.  A careful process is then followed in order to design and execute.  Vian Industrial Solutions can also assist with project justification by completing ROI and project payback periods. 

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About Us

VISL is your portal into the best EIA solutions for your facility. We focus upon providing the most appropriate solutions for your needs.  Our approach to the business as a true "integrator" allows us to use equipment from any manufacturer, thus providing you with the best value for your money.   

Make us your partner in your journey toward developing a "smart factory".  Take the first step by getting your plant data into the cloud for analysis and action!  Use machine learning to optimize your facility and reduce downtime.


We are in the midst of a major transformation of manufacturing.  Industry 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution is the automation of traditional manufacturing processes using digital technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).  By leveraging these technologies we create systems that are flexible, connected and optimized.  Data driven manufacturing models result in higher productivity, higer quality and a more productive workforce.  Let us guide you on your journey.

Founders of the Company

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Vitra Narinesingh

Founder of multiple businesses over various sectors including flowers, jewellery and technology.

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lan Narinesingh

Experienced professional in the energy sector with over 25 years of instrumentation and automation experience.   


Our directors Pioneer the vision of ensuring that customers reap full benefits from available technology and have developed our unique Project Management system.



"I have worked with Ian during his time in the position of EIA Manager at Massy Energy Engineered Solutions.  He has proven himself to be passionate about solving customer problems and skilled at developing sound technical solutions.  Ian is a clear and logical thinker who will add value to any organization seeking to improve their measurement and control system capabilities."


Eugene Tiah

Chairman Massy Energy and Industrial Gases 

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